Readers Write

Greenfield Recorder, June 7, 2022 

On May 25, more than 125 people stood along our Franklin County roadways to mark the second anniversary of George Floyd’s death and to show travelers that Franklin County is a place that stands up for racial justice. This vigil stretched along Route 2 from Charlemont in the west to Orange in the east. At the same time there was a stand out on the Sunderland Bridge involving 35 people.

Last week also brought the news of the murder of 10 Black people in Buffalo, New York, committed by a person who takes pride in defining himself as a white supremacist. It is frightening and horrifying that 400-plus years after stealing, transportingand selling Africans into slavery here in what is now the United States, that we still find ourselves hearing these kinds of stories. We need to learn about and from our history. I trust that most people here in Franklin County are committed to racial justice and equity. On the other hand, we too have seen our share of racial discrimination, harassment and violence. It is up to us to seek out opportunities to speak up and make amends/reparations for centuries of racial injustice.

The organizers of the “Stand Up” vigil last week want to thank the large numbers of people who stood on Routes 2 and Route 116 to speak up for racial justice. That action alone of course will not solve the horrendous problem of racism in this country and in this area, but it is one small way of saying I do not agree with the status quo and I will work to make change.

If you want further information about actions and programs on racial justice contact Traprock Center for Peace and Justice, the Interfaith Council of Franklin County (ICFC), Racial Justice Rising, or The Sunderland Human Rights Taskforce .