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  • Beating Swords into Plowshares in Ukraine
    Patricia HynesSept. 16, 2022 Originally published by LAProgressive Mainstream US and British media have all but eclipsed the record climate temperatures, drought, floods and fires of 2022 across the world with their preoccupation on militarizing Ukraine to defeat Russia. “They will beat their swords into plowshares…Nor will they train for war anymore.” Isaiah2:3-4 What’s wrong, so profoundly wrong […]
  • Peace literacy: Every student needs it 
    COLUMN: FROM GLOBAL TO LOCAL by H. PATRICIA HYNESGreenfield Recorder, August 30, 2022 Philadelphia is “awash in guns”: More people were shot there in 2022, hundreds fatally, than in larger cities including New York and Los Angeles. In this “country’s poorest big city,” most shootings take place in neighborhoods shattered by multiple forms of racial […]
  • Massachusetts First in the Nation to End Renewable Energy Subsidies for Wood-Burning Power Plants
    August 11, 2022 Traprock was one of the groups supporting this effort; congratulations to those leading and participating in this important climate decision. Environmental groups today celebrated the enactment of Massachusetts’ new climate law, An Act Driving Clean Energy and Offshore Wind, which will expand clean energy development and end renewable energy subsidies for wood-burning power plants. […]
  • Where we stand on Aug. 6, 2022 
    By Pat Hynes Greenfield Recorder, August 3, 2022 Aug. 6 and 9 mark the 77th year since the United States dropped atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, annihilating instantly an estimated 170,000 women, men and children and sentencing tens of thousands more to eventual death from radiation poisoning and injuries. American […]
  • Extinction Completion on the Connecticut River?
    Karl Meyer RIVERS DON’T STAGGER. THEY DON’T STUTTER AND STOP, THEN RUN BACKWARD AND UPHILL. They don’t inhale themselves in giant gulps; then cough and spew. They don’t feed on nuclear energy or gorge on natural gas from the power grid. Rivers don’t ratchet up and down, forward and back, like a heart attack followed by a […]
  • Threads of Hope amidst Deepening Crises
    Nancy Price, Co-chair of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom’s Earth Democracy Committee, reviews Pat Hynes’ new book in WILPF’s recent magazine: PEACE & FREEDOM SPRING/SUMMER 2022. Founded in 1915, WILPF is one of the world’s longest-standing women’s peace organisations.  It is my pleasure to introduce you to at-large WILPF member Pat Hynes through this collection of her writings. Hope, but Demand Justice is an inspiring book that brings together articles she […]
  • A challenge for men and boys 
    COLUMN by Pat Hynes Greenfield Recorder, July 5, 2022 Two recent My Turn columns, Sarah Pirtle’s “Ensuring a safe summer for young women” (June 1) and Amalia Fourhawk s’ “Teaching young women to save themselves” (June 8), were a springboard for my own. Sarah Pirtle describes overhearing an older man making unwanted comments to a young woman […]
  • Book captures American miasma 
    Readers Write Greenfield Recorder, June 29, 2022 I was gratified to read Susan Lantz’s review of Pat Hynes’s new book “Hope, But Demand Justice,” in the Recorder. Nothing better captures the American miasma we find ourselves living in than Hynes’s collection of writings for various journals. I must confess that I rely on certain “chapters” […]
  • And online: Listen to Patricia Hynes with others on Occupy the Airwaves, Valley Free Radio
     On Sunday, June 5, Pat Hynes, director of Traprock Center for Peace and Justice, talks about her new book, Hope, But Demand Justice—a perfect antidote to any feelings of hopelessness you may be experiencing. Pat speaks with hosts Paki Wieland, Stephen Linsky and Bob Gardner about her book, and in particular the war in Ukraine, the […]
  • Standing up for racial justice
    Readers Write Greenfield Recorder, June 7, 2022  On May 25, more than 125 people stood along our Franklin County roadways to mark the second anniversary of George Floyd’s death and to show travelers that Franklin County is a place that stands up for racial justice. This vigil stretched along Route 2 from Charlemont in the west to […]