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  • A challenge for men and boys 
    COLUMN, Greenfield Recorder July 5, 2022 Two recent My Turn columns, Sarah Pirtle’s “Ensuring a safe summer for young women” (June 1) and Amalia Fourhawk s’ “Teaching young women to save themselves” (June 8), were a springboard for my own. Sarah Pirtle describes overhearing an older man making unwanted comments to a young woman working behind the […]
  • Book captures American miasma 
    Readers Write Greenfield Recorder, June 29, 2022 I was gratified to read Susan Lantz’s review of Pat Hynes’s new book “Hope, But Demand Justice,” in the Recorder. Nothing better captures the American miasma we find ourselves living in than Hynes’s collection of writings for various journals. I must confess that I rely on certain “chapters” […]
  • And online: Listen to Patricia Hynes with others on Occupy the Airwaves, Valley Free Radio
     On Sunday, June 5, Pat Hynes, director of Traprock Center for Peace and Justice, talks about her new book, Hope, But Demand Justice—a perfect antidote to any feelings of hopelessness you may be experiencing. Pat speaks with hosts Paki Wieland, Stephen Linsky and Bob Gardner about her book, and in particular the war in Ukraine, the […]
  • Standing up for racial justice
    Readers Write Greenfield Recorder, June 7, 2022  On May 25, more than 125 people stood along our Franklin County roadways to mark the second anniversary of George Floyd’s death and to show travelers that Franklin County is a place that stands up for racial justice. This vigil stretched along Route 2 from Charlemont in the west to […]
  • Stop the wars, save the planet 
    MY TURN, FROM GLOBAL TO LOCAL Greenfield Recorder, June 7, 2022 This report “is an atlas of human suffering and a damning indictment of failed climate leadership.” Such was the response of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres to the Feb. 28, 2022report of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) documenting the present and future […]
  • ‘Hope, But Demand Justice’  Book Review
    Greenfield Recorder, June 4, 2022 By SUSAN LANTZ For the Recorder “Hope, But Demand Justice: Collected Writings” by Pat Hynes (215 pages, $22.95 paperback, $9 e-version) Perhaps, like me, you always meant to read Howard Zinn’s classic, “A People’s History of the United States,” and, like me, just never got around to reading the entire 729-page […]
  • Support nuclear weapons commission bill
    Readers WriteGreenfield Recorder, June 4, 2022 Do you want to live in a world free of nuclear weapons? One small step you can take will help lead our state in that direction. The Nuclear Weapons Commission Bill (Senate 1555/House 3688) will create a citizen’s commission to investigate, through hearings across the state, the existential threat […]
  • Ensuring a safe summer for young women 
    MY TURN Greenfield Recorder, June 2, 2022 By REV. SARAH PIRTLE I want young women in customer service jobs to be socially safe. Right now they aren’t. There is an all-too-common experience that women in their teens and twenties are having with some male customers. It’s a kind of tension like static in the air that they live […]
  • Why we remember George Floyd’s murder
      MY TURN Greenfield Recorder, May 25, 2022 By SUSAN TRIOLO The bloody line of police brutality and murder of Black men, women and children is long. The death of George Floyd sparked an uprising of conscience in 2020. As a country we can no longer turn away from our responsibility to end racial profiling […]
  • Why we remember George Floyd 
    MY TURN Greenfield Recorder, May 20, 2022 By KIM AUDETTE, ANNA GYORGY, KATE STEVENS, and ALLEN DAVIS There is much to remember and say on the second anniversary of the murder of George Floyd, this May 25th. More every day, and painful. As we write, residents of Buffalo mourn victims of mass murder fueled by […]