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  • Only the Truth Will Set Us Free
    MY TURN Greenfield Recorder, March 17, 2023 By TOM WEINER AND ALLEN DAVIS Originally attributed to John 8:32 quoting Jesus, and borrowed by everyone from Gloria Steinem — “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off” — to Fred Rogers, who composed a song titled, “The Truth Will Make Me Free,” the […]
  • Long way to go: Setting our sights on equality for women
    COLUMN Greenfield Recorder, February 28, 2023 By H. PATRICIA HYNES A month ago, I heard on the news that Boston public schools would be closed on Feb. 3 because of the severe Arctic cold and wind chill forecast for that day and the next. My first thought was: What if the students’ mothers are working […]
  • Peace is the only way to win
    MY TURN Greenfield Recorder,  February 23, 2023 By SUZANNE R. CARLSON I am grateful to the Recorder for featuring “A Peace of their Hearts” (Jan. 31) with photos by Paul Franz and and an informative report by Mary Byrne about the many (now 26) downtown businesses with storefront signs for “Peace” that Pat Hynes imagined and brought to reality. Byrne shared […]
  • U.S. should practice the Golden Rule 
    Letter to the Editor Greenfield Recorder, Feb. 18, 2023 by Pat Hynes The number of those killed by the 7.8 earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria on Feb. 6 has risen above 40,000, with many more thousands injured. Years of war in Syria (civil, with regional and “great power” rivalries involved) have left damaged buildings […]
  • What Ukraine needs to learn from Afghanistan about proxy wars
    Jeffrey D. Sachs   |   February 13, 2023   |   New World Economy Column   The greatest enemy of economic development is war. If the world slips further into global conflict, our economic hopes and our very survival could go up in flames. The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has moved the hands of the Doomsday Clock to a mere 90 […]
  • Greenfield Shops for Peace
    See front page coverage on this in the same issue:–a-natural-way-to-start-peace-literacy–49674621 MY TURN by Pat Hynes Greenfield Recorder, January 31, 2023 Signs abound in Greenfield’s downtown shop windows, among them PEACE, ART NOT WAR, FOOD FOR ALL NOT WAR, SOLAR NOT WAR, MAKE TEA NOT WAR. Why have so many shop owners and institutions, including the […]
  • A call to protect my friends in Palestine
    MY TURN Greenfield Recorder, February 1, 2023 By SHERRILL HOGEN I was in Palestine last October. It had been three COVID years since I had seen my adoptive family there. I prepared for the trip by buying gifts for all eight of them: my “sister,” her husband, their six grown children, and innumerable grandchildren. I called […]
  • Views on war can vary
    Letter to Greenfield Recorder January 24, 2023  David Gottsegen’s column “As war rolls on, support for Ukraine must continue,” in the Recorder Jan. 20 edition inspires this letter. He calls the horrible Russian attack on Ukraine “unprovoked,” the adjective regularly repeated in the mainstream press. But not all agree. After reading Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J.S. Davies’ new […]
  • Traprock present at MLK day in Germany
    January 16, 2023: The German Women’s Network for Peace organized a discussion on the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday in the U.S. “US-American activist Anna Gyorgy gave some thoughts on democracy in the U.S. today and struggles against what Dr. King named “the giant triplets of racism, materialism, and militarism.” Here is the English version of the opening presentation given in German, which was followed by a […]
  • Envisioning a world without nuclear weapons
    Pat Hynes Greenfield Recorder and Daily Hampshire Gazette January 22 marks the second anniversary of the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, a global lifeboat supported by 70% of the world’s countries. Meanwhile, the U.S. Department of Energy’s 2023 budget request for nuclear weapons’ upgrade is more than $21 billion and close to $8 […]