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Traprock Director Pat Hynes spoke on war and climate change at the 2019 Women Against War annual gathering.

Pat Hynes spoke on “War and Warming: Can We Save the Planet without Taking on the Pentagon?” on April 4, 2019 in Albany, NY.

Listen to her interview with the Sanctuary for Independent Media on April 3.

“Rediscovering Jane Addams in a Time of Crisis” – Waging Peace: From Jane Addams to ICAN

Waging Peace: From Jane Addams to ICAN at “Rediscovering Jane Addams in a Time of Crisis” – a public forum 11/11/17 at Edwards Church in Northampton, MA.

Moderator: Abbie Jenks, Professor Emerita, Peace Studies, Greenfield Community College
Patricia Hynes, President, Traprock Center for Peace and Justice, Greenfield
Timmon Wallis and Vicki Elson, International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN)
Marty Nathan, M.D. Physicians for Social Responsibility, Western Mass. Chapter

KWMR Post Carbon Radio with Co-hosts Bing Gong & Eleanore Despina – War, Militarism, and the Climate

A discussion about the role of war and the military in causing global warming. How much does the U.S. military contribute to climate change? What happened to the old anti-war movement? Can we afford a 10% increase in the military budget? Do we need it? How does the issue of the military’s role in climate change fit into a broader social change agenda, including local movements of resistance?

U.S. Military Industrial Complex a Major Contributor to Climate Change Crisis

Interview with Patricia Hynes, director of the Traprock Center for Peace and Justice, conducted by Melinda Tuhus. Hear the interview here.

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Military Culture and Climate Change

Science for Peace Annual Meeting June 2012 keynote speech by H. Patricia Hynes titled Military Culture and Climate Change.

Renewables Are Ready

Renewables Are Ready is a presentation developed in response to the defining issue of our times – climate change. Our goals are to inform about the advances in renewable energy technologies and their potential, together with efficiency, to power our country by 2050 and to identify the political obstacles in getting there. We finish with inspiring examples of action and activism that serve as a springboard for brainstorming about individual and community actions to make renewables our energy future.

The Song – Sarah Pirtle

The newest episode of The Song features Sarah Pirtle of Western MA. A multi-talented singer/songwriter, Sarah is also a teacher, an activist, an award winning author and more. On The Song she performs songs about courage that are on her new CD, Everyday Bravery. Wonderfully inspiring songs that are beautifully written and performed with great talent and skill.

Living an Ethical Life

Three generations speaking for peace action at Bay Path University on March 19, 2015.

Frances Crowe – Still going strong at age 96, this legendary peace activist (and friend of the Futter family) has lived and worked in Northampton for over half a century, where she ran a regional office for the Quaker-based American Friends Service Committee for many years, and recently published her memoir, Finding My Radical Soul.

Rev. Sarah Pirtle, MEd. – Inspired by Frances Crowe to work for social change, this peace educator and musician based in Shelburne Falls has published 5 books and 9 CDs for adults and children, taught graduate education courses on social skills and music, and founded the Discovery Center for Peacebuilding in 1992 to provide school residencies.

Alicen Roberts – Also inspired by volunteering with Frances Crowe as an undergraduate student, this 2012 graduate of Smith College and veteran of living and working at the intentional community Agape in Hardwick is now making a difference at Cooperative Metropolitan Ministries, “the greater Boston area’s oldest interfaith social justice network.”

GCC 2014 Commencement

Greenfield Community College’s 51st Annual Commencement Ceremony features the speeches and presentation of Professor Emerita Awards and awarding of student awards, diplomas, and certificates to GCC graduates. Ceremony held on May 31, 2014.

Abbie Jenks’ Speech starts at 37 minutes, 46 seconds, Graduation Pledge 51 minutes, 55 seconds and Emerita award with Leo Hwang at 1 hour 7 minutes.

Reject & Protect U-wi-ta (Coming Together)

Science for Peace Annual Meeting keynote speech by H. Patricia Hynes: “Military Culture and Climate Change “

2015 Peacemaker Awards

This year, more than a dozen area students were honored for their community contributions in the annual Peacemaker Awards. These awards are given to youths in eighth grade or higher, as well as teens who are homeschooled or have left school. Nominations come from school staff and community members.

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2014 “Living the Dream” Award

living-the-dream-awardAbbie Jenks, longtime board member of the Traprock Center for Peace and Justice, was awarded Greenfield Community College’s 2014 “Living the Dream” Award with the inscription: “in appreciation of your passionate commitment to social justice, inclusion and opportunity.”
Abbie is a GCC Professor and founder of the Peace, Justice and Environmental Studies Option at Greenfield Community College. At the award ceremony two of her students, Barbara Broussard and Eric Blevin, praised her as working in the tradition of radical social worker and pacifist Jane Addams and guiding their Peace Club in Keystone XL pipeline demonstrations, Hurricane Sandy relief, and non-violence pledges to protect women from abuse.

Nuke Disaster’s Clear Lesson: “Safer is nowhere near safe enough.”

See this article in the Recorder on 3/1/2012, by Pat Hynes and Abbie Jenks

Opponents Aim Tax Increases at Nuke Plant

See this article in the Recorder on 2/20/2012, a report on the Roots of Peace series event

Where Are We Now?

Gauging national conscience 10 years after terrorist attacks
By Richie Davies, Recorder Staff , Greenfield Recorder
GREENFIELD — A decade later, it’s back to Ground Zero. As the dust has settled from the tragedy of that Tuesday morning, what has taken hold is a culture that many see as fearful and a society that’s moved away from guarding its civil liberties toward protecting itself from a nebulous enemy, say several area observers.
“It’s raised up an age-old tension between security and freedom,” said Abbie Jenks, who directs the Peace, Justice and Environmental Studies Program at Greenfield Community College. “It’s become a little difficult for people to determine how we’re really at risk in terms of another attack like the one 10 years ago, and how much of it’s just the media playing it up or people wanting us to accept some dismantlement of our civil liberties.” Read more…

The art of peacemaking

Newton School students express what it means

GREENFIELD — What does peace mean to you? When this question was posed to students at Newton School in Greenfield, they first answered by creating lists of what peace means to them, lists which included words like love, hope, kindness, care, recycle and friendship. Read more…

Peace Award Honor Students

Recorder Staff
PeacemakersThis year’s Peacemakers all distinguished themselves by helping out their fellow students, whether it was by sitting with others who were all by themselves at the lunch table, helping fellow students resolve conflicts or raising money and sending books to children in Uganda.

On Thursday evening, about 60 people gathered to honor the 2011 Peacemakers at a reception at the Franklin County Technical School.
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No repeat of this tragedy

We must heed the lessons of Chernobyl
Pat Hynes and Randy Kehler

On the morning of April 26, 1986, an explosion in the Chernobyl nuclear power plant released a radioactive plume which hurtled four miles into the atmosphere. An intense fire burned in the reactor core for 10 days, continuously spewing radioactive particles and aerosols. Belarus, western Russia, and rich farmland of the Ukraine were immediately and severely contaminated. Winds carried tons of particles to many parts of Europe and throughout the Northern Hemisphere, blanketing 77,000 square miles with radioisotopes of iodine, cesium, strontium and plutonium.
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A cautionary tale

Will Obama repeat Eisenhower’s energy mistake?
Pat Hynes
In 1951, President Truman created a blue ribbon commission to evaluate and propose a plan for the U.S. energy future. The 1952 Paley Commission Report, named for the commission chairman, proposed that the U.S. build the economy on solar energy sources. Read more…