The Traprock Center for Peace and Justice, formerly called the Traprock Peace Center, has a long history of working for peace, nonviolence, and economic and social justice in the Hampshire/Franklin County area.

We have an active Board of Directors.

[quote]Our mission is to work in community to end violence against Earth, her people, and all living beings and to support all endeavors to bring about a just world.[/quote]

Our goals:

  • Provide leadership to end war and address environmental and justice issues locally and nationally
  • Foster community
  • Teach nonviolence as a social change method and as a moral principle
  • Be a resource for peace and justice education
  • Provide leadership to illuminate, critique, and change the militarism of our culture and the military policies of the United States government and other nation states

We initiate and support actions of resistance to policies of militarism and injustice internationally and at home.

And we address and support local struggles such as the campaign to close Vermont Yankee, support for sustainable ecology, labor issues, challenges to our civil liberties, counter recruitment and more.

We sponsor informative programs that spark thoughtful discussion from different perspectives and include speakers and poets, book discussions, documentary films, reports from peace makers traveling and working internationally.

We collaborate with the Interfaith Council of Franklin County honoring young people with annual Peace Maker Awards.

We coordinate a website calendar in collaboration with American Friends Service Committee offering information about a wide range of programs and activities happening in Franklin and Hampshire Counties.

We have an ongoing and growing collaboration with Greenfield Community College.

We are steadfast that in all we do, we promote peace – within ourselves, in our community and in the world.