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In the Traprock Spotlight —

Stop the Murder and Deprivation, Ceasefire Now in Israel/Palestine

Local Group Statement on War in Israel/Palestine

January 29, 2024 

Dear Concerned Friends and Neighbors, 

As of today more than 26,400 Gazans have been killed by Israel. This number includes over 10,000 children and 7,500 women. Far from starting on October 7th, the present horror in Gaza is an escalation of over seven decades of occupation, state-sponsored violence, blockade, and apartheid against Palestinians by Israel. This in no way denies nor condones the violence of the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7th, which resulted in the death of over 1,100 people in Israel. But understanding the historical context is essential to ending the violence and forging a path toward enduring peace. (read full statement here) 

Upcoming Events

Every Saturday on the Greenfield Town Common: Peace & Justice Vigil, 11 am-noon

Every Friday in Sunderland, Route 47 & 116 Intersection: Ceasefire Standout 3:30-4:30pm

Negotiations not War

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