December 17, 2022

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In the Traprock Spotlight —

Standout to mark LAND DAY 2023

Sat., March 25, from 11 a.m.- noonGreenfield Common

Join Kairos/Franklin County Justice for Palestine, Traprock and W. Mass Code Pink on the Greenfield Town Common to call for an end to the violence caused by Israel’s control over Palestinian life.  

Land Day marks the March 30, 1976 Israeli confiscation of 1500 acres of Palestinian agricultural lands and killing of six unarmed Palestinian protestors. Israel continues to take Palestinian land, destroy trees and crops and attack and kill protesters. The U.S. must stop funding Israel’s apartheid government with $3.8 billion a year. Without U.S. backing and financing, Israel’s violence could not continue.

Palestinian agricultural terraces with Israeli settlement in background

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Every Saturday on the Greenfield Town Common: Peace & Justice Vigil, 11 am-noon

Negotiations not War

Join Franklin County for Peace

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