To promote peace, work against militarism and foster social and environmental justice through programs, projects, partnerships, forums, advocacy, publications and social media.

Since 1978, the non-profit Traprock Center for Peace and Justice has provided leadership to end war and militarism and increasingly to address gender, racial, economic and environmental justice issues locally and beyond, with an emphasis on youth.

The Traprock Center for Peace & Justice will work in partnership and community with those who seek a nonviolent, socially just and environmentally sustainable world
The Traprock Center for Peace and Justice stands in solidarity with movements to uproot racism and create justice for Black people and all communities of color. This is central to our cornerstones of action for racial and economic justice, feminism, and reversing climate disruption. As we join against militarism, we also address its roots in genocide and enslavement and the structures that keep oppression going.