What’s wrong with NATO?

Several Franklin County for Peace members were among the 230 people tuned into the July 7th MassPeaceAction webinar:

NATO: Dangerous, Obsolete, and Aggressive: A Report Back

Three activists told about the peace conferences and large demonstration against NATO at the time of its international meeting, and more. Reporting were Ann Wright from Hawai’i, Joseph Gerson from MAPAand Paki Wieland from CODEPINK. The very informative 1 hour 27 minute video of the webinar is online here.

Recommended readings on NATO:

Michael Klare on the NATO summit, Nation Magazine

Chris Hedges:  “The massive expansion of NATO, not only in Eastern and Central Europe but the Middle East, Latin America, Africa and Asia, presages endless war and a potential nuclear holocaust.” Listen to his Article: “NATO: The Most Dangerous Military Alliance on the Planet” here or read it here.

Also on war and peace:  Ralph Nader:  “U.S. China Policy: A Perilous Arms Race Instead of Waging Critical Cooperation”  (here)
Kathy Kelly and Matt Gannon: “War Scars the Earth. To Heal, We Must Cultivate Hope, Not Harm” (here) “The persistence of militarism is promoted by so-called “realists”— and they are leading us to collective suicide.”