Readers Write, Greenfield Recorder, Dec. 29, 2022 

I want it to be known to the Greenfield public that I do not support Mayor Roxann Wedegartner’s decision to not reinstate Daniel Cantor Yalowitz for another three years on the Human Rights Commission which I feel he has done a phenomenal job with. Who did she consult before making such a poor decision?

I first worked with Daniel in fall of 2021 when we were having a very difficult time with students in our school system returning to inperson learning. He has always stepped up to the plate and like William Perry (who I also am sad to lose) is a person of integrity and supporter of human rights.

I am a part of the Racial justice Rising group here in Greenfield and am so sad to be losing other citizens who believe we should work to have a town not bound by racism and that wants all citizens to thrive.

I do not believe in authoritarianism but it sure looks like it with decisions like this one with Daniel, we are headed right down that lane, in a state that is probably one of the most equitable and liberal in the nation.