Leaving 2020 behind, looking ahead to new challenges — and your support in 2021

This year has brought unexpected changes and challenges to all. We are thankful that given our excellent leadership, active board members and supportive community, Traprock could continue and expand on its four decade base of local work and wider outreach. We hope for your continued interest and support in 2021.

Work on many levels in 2020


August 6-9, stop nuclear weapons development
On the 75th anniversary of the US atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Traprock, the FCCPR Peace Task Force and others organized a well-attended event in Turners Falls and a rich contribution of opinion pieces, interviews  and letters to local media urging a ban on nuclear weapons. more

A commitment to feminism is at the forefront of Traprock projects. The Long Line of Women Leaders for Racial Justice program started in July, bringing together teens who would otherwise have gathered at the Traprock supported Journey Camp. The group has now met for 24 consecutive weeks. In solidarity with Black Lives Matter, their activities include guest speakers; examining racism; having supportive conversations and widening a sense of Black, Indigenous and women leaders of color in history. 

Long Line is also beginning a dialogue with teens in Sierra Leone, who are part of a WILPF (Womens International League for Peace and Freedom) chapter. Pat Hynes met the director of the program at a WILPF African Feminist Conference in 2018, and they have been collaborating since. Looking ahead to 2021, Long Line has been invited to create a common project with another social justice group for young women in the Syracuse, NY area. This Gage Ambassador program is inspired by the work of leading suffragist Matilda Joslyn Gage.

For racial justice: Traprock supports Racial Justice Rising (RJR) Saturday morning vigils and are partnering with the Twice as Smart program organized by RJR’s Gloria Matlock. We sponsored a zoom meeting with the coordinator of the racial justice police reform project Black Response in Cambridge, MA.


The Childrens Books Collaborative offers books and programs on social justice, peace and environment. After partnering with childrens libraries in Greenfield (2016), Orange (2017) and Montague (2018), in 2019 we reached across the Atlantic to Sierra Leone, West Africa. Our 2020 collaboration has been with Arise for Social Justice in Springfield and the Springfield Public Library.

Two outstanding GCC students were awarded The Wally and Juanita Nelson Scholarship and Traprock Student Fellowship for their exemplary work on behalf of justice.

Young Peacemakers With the Interfaith Council of Franklin County, Traprock honors area young people dedicated to peace and justice in their schools and communities with the annual Peacemakers Award.  In 2021, we will create a video project interviewing each Peacemaker, making it available online and to other local school districts and
Interfaith organizations to replicate.

Women and Life on Earth Conference 40th anniversary meeting

Although this gathering of area activists could not take place in March as planned, preparations led to stronger connections with many other activist organizations.

The Pen is Mightier than the Sword Our writings on war, militarism and nuclear weapons; climate crisis and energy; and gender and racial justice issues are published locally and on progressive national news sites. All are presented on our website.

Our bi-weekly email newsletter reaches some 500 people and groups, sharing programs and actions of interest. This service supports and increases area groupsoutreach and mobilization. Events are also listed on our web calendar. Find our newsletter, Traprock writings, ‘Spotlight’ updates and more on the Traprock website.

Organizational voices count
We are part of local networks for climate action; peace with justice in Latin America and the Middle East; for ending nuclear weapons; and changing the MA state seal.

Traprock supports key legislation on peace, justice and climate health. In 2020 members testified at the State House on behalf of bills against nuclear weapons and the Mass. Indigenous Legislative Agenda.

A registered non-profit organization, Traprock supports key projects and groups with their fundraising. And we continue our 10,000 Trees in Vietnam project, reforesting areas still suffering from US bombing with Agent Orange.

Your (tax-exempt) donations help continue and expand this work.

Online at traprock.org/donate/. Checks are welcome at: Traprock Center for Peace & Justice, PO Box 1201, Greenfield, MA 01302.