May 9 in the Montague Reporter

We write to express our support for your students’ peaceful and moral expressions of support for Palestinian civilians in Gaza currently under merciless assault by the Israeli military.  Your students are calling for an end to the war and US support for it, including disclosure of and divestment of your school’s investments in weapons and other industries enabling the war.

Your students’ idealism and action are in the tradition of earlier student and youth movements that challenged their country’s and their schools’ policies for the better.  Among these are the anti-Vietnam war and civil rights movements, the protests for divestment in apartheid South Africa, and the anti-nuclear and divestment in fossil fuels movements.

By their public actions in protesting a genocidal war, students are speaking truth to power and we must listen to them.  Brown University President and a handful of other universities and colleges have led the way.  We urge you to do so also.

From the board of the Traprock Center for Peace and Justice: Pat Hynes, Suzanne Carlson, Emily Greene, Anna Gyorgy, Sarah Pirtle, Marty Schotz