The Art of Waging Peace with Paul K. Chappell

Location: UMass Springfield – Main St. / Tower Square
Dates: Saturday, November 1st and Sunday, November 2nd
Contact: Mary McCarthy 413-320-6766 or email
Cost: FREE FOR STUDENTS – Donations are greatly appreciated!! Sponsor a student for $50!

Peace Leadership Skills Are Life Skills

The Art of Waging PeaceThis two-day training explores tough issues and emphasizes the powerful form of leadership that is needed to promote peace and justice in our communities and in everyday life. Practiced by Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr., this form of leadership is grounded in nonviolence skills and actions, and is essential for solving the challenges of today.

The course material includes two components: foundation-building and skills. Effective leadership requires a foundational understanding of human behavior, while skills give young leaders a set of practical tools to navigate difficult situations, resolve conflicts, and wage peace in their community and in their personal lives.

NAPF Peace Leadership Director Paul K. Chappell, a West Point graduate and former Army captain, brings the best of West Point leadership training that can be applied to peace, human rights, and conflict resolution. Part African-American, part Asian, and part Caucasian, with a father who suffered severe PTSD from combat roles in the Korean and Vietnam wars, Paul K. Chappell brings new insight into the issues of trauma and rage, the anatomy of violence, and the skills needed to wage peace in every neighborhood. Building on the overwhelming evidence that humanity is not naturally violent, Chappell identifies the causes of violence and provides a unique set of nonviolent strategies and tactics to defeat the enemies of ignorance, fear, and hate.

This workshop is sponsored by Traprock Center for Peace & Justice, Arise for Social Justice, Youth for Justice Committee and Out Now! in Springfield.

Peace Leadership Workshop Topics


  • How to Motivate and Persuade People
  • Learn How Dehumanization Supports Oppression and Injustice
  • The Three Techniques of Rehumanization


  • The Strategy of Waging Peace for Solving Injustice
  • How to swage Peace in Our Personal Lives, Communities, and the World
  • How to Communicate in a way that makes People Less Defensive
  • How to Create an Atmosphere of Respect at Home, Workplace, or Social Movement
  • The Importance of Purpose, Meaning, and Self-worth


  • Explore the Myths of Violence
  • Understand the Anatomy of Aggression
  • The Three Methods of Conveying Respect
  • How to Combat Anger and Rage
  • How to Calm People Down
  • Conflict Resolution

Workshop Flyer (PDF)