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Greenfield Recorder, October 22, 2021

It’s up to the people — you and me — to protect “our” rivers, especially when government agencies responsible for protecting river ecosystems have failed for 50 years. Thus the Connecticut River can no longer be called a “living river.”

First Light’s Northfield Mountain Pumped Storage Station (NMPS) has strangled the four-state Connecticut-River ecosystem, killing hundreds of millions of fish and aquatic animals every year. Behind our backs First Light makes big money and wants FERC to license this killing for another 30 years. First Light is owned by Canadian venture-capitalist-giant PSP Investments, which registered NMPS and Turners Falls hydro projects out of New England into tax shelters in Delaware (and pays no taxes in Massachusetts).

We must stand together and demand that FERC deny First Light’s request for another 30-year permit. No license to kill!

Join us on the Greenfield Common on Saturday, Oct. 23 from 11 a.m. to noon to stand up together for protecting the river and to sustain coming generations. Water is life and it is up to us to protect the life in “our” rivers.