Featured Presenter: Strong Oak

Peace Net for Girls and Women is providing a special music and drumming program held at the Brick House in Turners Falls at 24 Third Street.

Time: 2 pm to 4 pm

Arrive early at 1:15 to learn songs by women from the People’s Music Network which will be shared during the gathering.

We celebrate women and girl’s voices and the power of music to spark social change as we bring together many ages.

Strong Oak has recently returned from meeting in council with the Thirteen Grandmothers and will speak about what she learned.  Sarah Pirtle is back from a Yup’ik traditional dance festival in Alaska and will share dances with Yup’ik women’s dance fans learned from her relatives.

Strong Oak and the Visioning Bear Inter-tribal Drum Circle will start the gathering. Bring a drum if you like. Girls and women of all ages will share a song.  Small groups will create songs together.

All are welcome. The event is free. Suggested donation by adults: $5

Young people no charge. Refreshments offered.

This Peace Net will honor the Pocumtuck people who originally lived on this land. We recognize that a few blocks away from where we meet is the falls where women and children were attacked during salmon fishing. The Peskeompscut massacre took place on May 19, 1676, during King Philip’s War. We’ll hear from two women who have been part of recognizing and healing this history.