Last Minute Notes

It’s okay to arrive Saturday at 8:30 – 8:45 AM last minute without registering in advance.
Young people 20 years and under are free. People older than 20, if you can’t pay the $25 fee, you are still welcome to attend.

Weather reports say Northampton has fine weather for driving.

Conference Poster

Have you wished you could talk to people from many generations about their hopes for the future and their work for social change?

Register now at   All are welcome.

From across the generations, people will come together as conscious leaders of social change to explore what we can learn from each other.

How do we keep our sense of hope and purpose?
How are we uniquely called to contribute?
What do we want to ask of or say to other generations?

The day includes small dialogue groups, slam poetry, inspirational speakers, music, drumming, and songs by local songwriters emphasizing the importance of each person’s voice.

Presentations by Gloria Matlock of drumming and African American spirituals from her family, and Jasmin Roberts, award-winning slam poet.

Dialog that addresses sexism, racism, homophobia, and ageism.

Goals: The day has been designed so that many conversations can take place with various types of interactions. We want everyone there to have a way to share their voice.
8:30 Register and sign-up for workshops.
9:00 Welcome: drumming and song with Gloria Matlock, slam poetry with Jasmin Roberts
then other inspirational speakers raise topics for the day
10:15 Roots Groups: multi-age dialogue groups
11:15 – 12:15  Morning workshops
12:15 Bring your own lunch Option: lunch topics in small rooms.
1:00 Come back: drumming, slam poetry, song
1:45 – 3:00 Choice of afternoon workshops
Snack available for grazing.
3:15  Return to morning Roots Groups to process the day.
4:30 Closing circle with Janet Aalfs: Lotus Peace Arts

Location: Northampton Quaker Meeting, 43 Center Street, Northampton, near public transportation.

Saturday January 23, 2016
Times: 9 am – 5 pm

FREE for people under 20 years old.

But you need to register in advance so that we can reserve a spot.

The goal of the gathering is to help people take part in a long-line of generations working for the common good, believing in their ability to raise their voice, and taking actions for positive change. We will participate in the Fourth Wave of feminism by expanding the boundaries of the discussion and we will foster intersectionality about changing sexism, racism, homophobia, ageism and all the interlocking forms of oppression.

Afternoon workshops have different styles of interaction

Group sharing:

Artist as Activist: Sharing Our Art
Facilitated by Janet Aalfs, : Lotus Peace Arts

A time to share poems, art, songs, monologues, weaving, sewing,
your own expression.

Doing writing together:

Writing on the Spot

Practicing self expression through creative writing:  by Sequoia Lebruix

Three workshops are primarily dialogue:

  • Dialogue about Racism and White Privilege: Opeyemi Parham and Teegrey Iannuzzi
  • Bridging What Divides Us:Dialogue about changing gender stereotypes, hearing LGBTQ voices, and addressing everyday disrespect toward women.
  • Generations in Dialogue: Taking on Hard Discussions

Two workshops start off with presentation then have discussion:

    • Reclaiming our Bodies Facilitated by Priya Ghosh, President of Coalition to End Rape Culture, U. Mass, and Grace Engelman, Brown University student.
    • Living in an Unjust Society: Facing structural inequality – Presentation by Anna Gyorgy who directs an International Network called Women and Life on Earth.

What is a Roots Group?

Small dialogue groups called Roots Groups will share responses to these questions, going around the circle four times. You have the option to pass, too.

The same people meet at the beginning and end of the conference day. If you are coming with family members, think ahead of time whether you want to be in the same Roots Group.

  1. Please tell us your name, age, town and any other part of your identity that you would like to share. Please share what social issue you feel most identified with.
  2. Did you hear something in the first hour of this conference that made you feel like you were in the right place? What?
  3. What is one conflict that the conference has raised for you, so far, and how has that conflict impacted you?
  4. What do you hope to get from this conference?

REGISTER SOON: The location has space for only sixty people.

Payment needed in advance.

COST: $25  (optional additional donation)

Free for those under twenty years old.

Please bring your own lunch. Snacks and tea provided.


Weather planning — in case of snow or ice storm, we’ll have a later start. Be sure to give your email to the registrar to receive notice of weather changes.

Conference Poster