This year the $1000 Traprock sponsored scholarship will be shared by two exceptional students: Dorinessy Orphee Meledje and Nicolas Picariello

Dorinessy Orphee Meledje

Contributed photo, from Greenfield Recorder article, September 30, 2019: “Student rep brings empowering perspective to GCC trustees”

Dorinessy grew up in Cote d’lvoire, West Africa, and has been a student at GCC since the fall of 2017, studying Criminal Justice, with the goal of becoming a lawyer. An active member of the GCC community, she writes: “At Greenfield community college, I am engaged in several activities such as: being an orientation leader, a member of the social justice club, a French peer tutor, a member, president, and founder of the multicultural club, and the Student Trustee of the college.” An ardent supporter of education and rights for girls and women, she decided at age 18 “to pursue my education in social justice… to further my education in conflict resolution, be a diplomat, work within the UNICEF and the UN to bring what is being missed in these organizations but mostly as lawyer stand for equity and justice for those who are being used and manipulated by the system. I know, the way is long, but it is never long for a true passionate.”

Nicolas Picariello

(photo requested)

Nicolas writes that: “As a nontraditional, low-income student, I have brought my years of life experience–both in the workforce and traveling–to the classroom. So far, my studies at GCC have expanded my understanding of how both the natural and social worlds operate, and where they intersect… My work with low income communities involves educating people on the effects of poverty on physical and mental health, specifically as a result of a poor diet… Financial stability, food security, and safety are some of the basic human rights threatened by poverty. Peace in this case, is the calm and confidence that comes from knowing how to combat major problems like these. All humans deserve to not have to choose between heat for their homes and food for their families. I will continue my work providing people with the tools needed to take control of their health and diet, because it is one of the great injustices of our species to have people starving in a world of such abundance.”

An extracurricular activity for Nicolas was an Internship at the Franklin County Jail Garden Project.